The 9 Best Optimizely Alternatives in 2024

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Alex Birkett

Optimizely got me started on A/B testing.

Back in 2014, I spun up a free account and ran some really bad experiments on my personal website.

Then, I went on to run experiments at CXL, HubSpot, Workato, and several other large clients. I became an absolute nerd for experimentation strategy.

In that time, I’ve used several Optimizely alternatives.

What is Optimizely?

Optimizely is a leading experimentation company that offers the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) software as a service.

The platform is designed to help businesses manage their content lifecycles and test and optimize every customer touchpoint. Millions of experiences are served with the platform, and it is known for its content, commerce, optimization, and personalization capabilities.

The company was founded in 2010 by two former Google employees, Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen. They started out as a simple A/B testing tool; in fact, they marketed themselves on how simple and straightforward it was to run a split test.

Optimizely has since diversified its platform to cover broader digital experiences, including mobile applications, feature flags, and other touchpoints.

Despite its success, Optimizely’s platform is not without its downsides.

One downside is that it can be quite pricey, which limits its accessibility to small and medium-sized businesses. Nowadays, there are many Optimizely alternatives with similar features (some even more feature rich) and much less costly.

Editor’s note: I’m going to use some affiliate links when possible to try to earn some revenue from my content. These don’t change the opinions espoused in the content nor the style in which they are written. If I think a product sucks, I’m not going to say otherwise. This is just a bonus and a way to fund the whole operation. Anyway, enjoy the article!

The 9 Best Optimizely Alternatives

  1. VWO
  2. Convert
  3. Adobe Target
  4. SiteSpect
  5. Mutiny
  6. Conductrics
  7. Unbounce
  8. Crazy Egg
  9. AB Tasty

1. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO is undoubtedly one of the best Optimizely alternatives on the market, with a comprehensive suite of tools that you can use to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

The VWO platform includes A/B testing, website personalization, heat maps, session replays, form analytics, and user behavior analysis.

They’ve really got the whole suite of conversion rate optimization tools, so you could probably replace the need for several tools (HotJar, Fullstory, Qualaroo, Typeform, etc.) if you use VWO. They also offer a direct integration to Google Analytics.

The session recordings are particularly interesting to watch users interact with your website and marketing campaigns.

VWO has an intuitive user interface that makes experimentation easy and fast. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced optimization professional, VWO has everything you need to help you achieve your goals.

Since Google Optimize has sunset, VWO came to the table with a freemium offering to replace Google Optimize.

They do lack some of the power that Optimizely offers, especially around product management use cases like feature flagging. They also only offer Bayesian statistics (which may be a benefit to some), and their personalization capabilities aren’t incredibly strong.

But overall, it’s an awesome A/B testing tool, especially for beginning optimization teams and those on a budget (it’s one of the more affordable Optimizely alternatives).

Price: Starts free. Next plan begins at $200 per month, billed annually

G2 Score: 4.3/5

2. (Convert Experiences) is another excellent Optimizely alternative, one of my favorite experimentation platforms overall, that offers a range of conversion rate optimization tools, including A/B testing, segmentation, personalization, multivariate testing, and multi-page experiments.

One thing I like about Convert is that the founder and the team genuinely care about the conversion rate optimization industry (and the environment). Their customer support is absolutely top notch (their reps help you actually succeed in using their software). They also offer courses (CXL Institute) as well as access to for test ideas.

As for the platform, it’s both strong as well as easy to use for a broad swath of website optimization cases.

They allow for a WYSIWYG visual editor as well as custom coding, and you can easily integrate with Google Analytics or another website analytics tool to both analyze your experiments and campaign performance, as well as trigger personalized digital experiences using analytics dimensions.

This is also one of the most affordable Optimizely alternatives.

Price: Starts at $99/mo

G2 Score: 4.7/5

3. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is another great Optimizely alternative. They are the prototypical enterprise solution in the experimentation space.

True to their positioning, they really are one of the most powerful platforms in the space (especially when combined with Adobe Analytics). They enable omnichannel experimentation and personalization, AI-powered automation, and all the regular A/B testing and multivariate testing you’d expect from an Optimizely alternative.

This platform is best for large teams with large budgets. It allows for website experimentation, but also for email experimentation and mobile and product optimization

Personally, I haven’t used Adobe Target as much because it is so enterprise and pricey, but if you’re in that tier, it’s probably the most common Optimizely alternative for enterprise companies.

Price: Talk to sales homie

G2 Score: 4/5

4. SiteSpect

SiteSpect is another great Optimizely alternative, a supremely underrated one in my opinion. They’ve also been around since the early days of conversion rate optimization.

This platform includes A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting, and personalization features. They were also one of the first platforms to offer server side testing.

They’re a true Optimizely alternative, offering feature management and rollouts as well as AI-driven product recommendations, and data insights (including real time web analytics to flag potential alerts)

Additionally, SiteSpect offers analytics tools to help you gain insights into user behavior, as well as customer segmentation and reporting features.

Price: Talk to sales

G2 Score: 4.3/5

5. Mutiny

Mutiny is an Optimizely alternative that enables you to optimize your website’s conversion rate by personalizing the user experience.

At first, they were basically just a personalization platform with a little bit of B2B flair (offering stuff like ABM personalization).

Now, they’ve incorporated artificial intelligence into target recommendations (they joined the generative AI hype) and they just rolled out their own A/B testing functionality.

They’re super focused on B2B, so if you run an e commerce store, you probably don’t want to use this one. But if you’re a B2B company looking to optimize the customer journey, from Google Ads to retention, this is probably the best alternative to Optimizely.

It’s probably best for big companies, but even startups get a lot of utility out of Mutiny.

Price: Talk to sales

G2 Score: 4.7/5

6. Conductrics

Conductrics is an Optimizely alternative that provides A/B testing, multivariate testing, on page surveys and personalization capabilities.

Conductrics lets you run an A/B test and personalize a segment based on how users behave in the experiment. Unlike other AI-powered personalization tools, they give you complete control and governance over your personalization arms.

They’re one of the most powerful tools in the game, and they have been since the beginning. They were cool before the AI hype, offering reinforcement learning and bandit algorithms to dynamically serve experiences to site visitors.

Of course, they offer straightforward A/B testing to optimize your conversion funnels, just like any experimentation platform would.

Despite all that power, it’s still an easy to use platform even offering a visual editor.

They’ve begun to add different features beyond the ability to run tests, like the ability to send messages with on page surveys to your audience to collect qualitative data.

Price: Talk to sales

G2 Score: NA

7. Unbounce

Unbounce, traditionally a landing page builder, is a single platform that allows you to create high-converting landing pages without any coding knowledge.

Because of the simplicity in creating landing pages, it’s great for testing new ideas and conversion funnels. The design elements it gives you out of the box are great, allowing even a terrible designer like me to create pretty looking pages.

The platform includes a wide range of pre-designed templates, making it easy to get started, along with an A/B testing feature that lets you test different landing pages to see which one works best (showing you statistical significance levels in the analytics dashboard).

Additionally, Unbounce offers a suite of website optimization, including popups and sticky bars to help you improve your website’s conversion rate. They also offer multi page testing and customer journey funnels.

They’ve added a bunch of AI copywriting features as well, helping you write copy targeting your ICP (ideal customer profile) and even creating a full landing page just by using a URL and headline.

As an Optimizely alternative, it’s not the most powerful. It lacks additional features like full stack experimentation and testing on mobile apps. It’s best for small businesses and customers who want to scale out paid acquisition campaigns with additional landing pages.

Price: $99 / mo

G2 Score: 4.4/5

8. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web-based analytics and optimization tool that promises to help businesses boost their website’s performance.

It provides heat maps, A/B testing, scroll maps, and other tracking tools that marketers can use to understand how users interact with their websites.

I’m actually not a Crazy Egg fan. I only put it on this list so it is more comprehensive and has an attempt at ranking in search. That’s the game, unfortunately.

Maybe if it were 2015 I’d be a bigger fan, but today, Crazy Egg is pretty weak as an Optimizely alternative.

The tool itself is quite difficult to navigate and clunky to use compared to other user analytics and behavioral analytics tools, making it less user friendly than some of its competitors. HotJar is incredibly easy to set up in comparison

Some of its features such as the click analytics don’t provide detailed enough insights due to low resolution images used in reporting. The level of detail in their reports lacks AI-assisted tools like Fullstory and Microsoft Clarity.

Finally, the customer service experience isn’t great either; users have reported long wait times when trying to get support help.

As an A/B testing tool, it’s one of the weakest on this list. It doesn’t really even compare to Optimizely.

However, it does have A/B testing functionality. And it’s relatively cheap compared to other tools. So if you have to use Crazy Egg, you’ll probably still get some value out of it.

Their blog is also basically just an affiliate engine at this point. Looks like they stopped doing feature releases years ago. Ugh.

Price: Starts at $29/mo (paid annually)

G2 Score: 4.2/5

9. AB Tasty

AB Tasty offers AI-powered experimentation and personalization, feature management, and product optimization solutions to help businesses drive more conversions and revenue on their website and product / mobile apps.

With 10 offices around the world and over 240 employees, AB Tasty is a fast-growing company that’s helping enterprises launch better products faster and drive more business.

Along with their A/B testing tool, they also offer recommendation engines and intelligent search functionalities.

Additionally, AB Tasty offers feature management, experimentation, and personalization solutions to help businesses launch better products faster and drive more sales. By combining all these features, AB Tasty offers a comprehensive web optimization platform for product managers and marketers alike.

Like any software, AB Tasty does have some downsides.

One user reported that the analytics reporting feature can be confusing and overwhelming, making it difficult to get an accurate view of website performance. However, you can easily integrate with Google products like Tag Manager and GA4.

Overall, AB Tasty is a powerful and effective tool to help businesses optimize their digital experiences, and it’s certainly one to consider if you’re looking to improve your website and drive better results.

Price: Talk to sales (no free plan)

G2 Score: 4.5/5


Look, Optimizely is great, but it has its downsides. It’s quite expensive when you compare it to the myriad options in the market nowadays.

I’m a huge fan of VWO and Convert Experiences as well as Sitespect for a one-to-one best Optimizely alternative.

For something better at personalization and even stronger features, Conductrics and Mutiny are excellent. Dynamic Yield is another one in this category.

And for those on a budget, Crazy Egg or Unbounce might get the job done.