The 23 Best CRO Tools in 2024

What we call conversion rate optimization is actually an expansive suite of distinct functions that blend together to form this art-and-science craft of CRO. CRO includes components of digital analytics, experimentation (A/B testing), user psychology, project management, copywriting, design, and UX research. Nowadays, I look at it as “website product management.” We’ve all got our … Read more

The Barbell Strategy for Risk-Averse Content Marketing

“Marry an accountant, but have occasional flings with rock stars.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb The worst thing that can happen to a marketer embarking on setting up a content program is also the most common. It goes like this: The Death Spiral of Nearly All Content Programs You see some success stories, perhaps from competitors … Read more

The 35 Best Content Marketing Tools in 2024

Alright, here we go, another list of content marketing technology products! (Silence from the audience) Well, this one will be different. (Drumroll) The 35 Best Content Marketing Tools in 2024 Google Docs Evernote Airstory WordPress ButterCMS Webflow Ahrefs Clearscope SEMRush Screaming Frog Yoast Grammarly Mailshake Buzzsumo Sprout Social Mailchimp Vidyard Loom Zoom Trello Notion … Read more

The 13 Best Landing Page Builders in 2023

As an acquisition marketer, you speak in the language of CTAs, CPAs, and of course, landing pages are at the center of it all. They’re where you direct targeted traffic for ad campaigns. They’re how you build out SEO pages designed to pull consistent, relevant users in every month organically. And fortunately, there is an … Read more

The 10 Best A/B Testing Books for Practitioners of All Levels

A/B testing is an important skill for anyone to learn, whether you’re a marketer, product person, designer, or an analyst. It’s also a great framework for managers, as Elliot Shmukler has noted. Once you learn about A/B testing, you look at decision making, probability, innovation, and risk differently. It’s an attitude shift as much as … Read more

2019 Recap (and 2020 Goals)

New Year’s Resolutions™ are overrated, but time-based goals are nice, and so are general life reflections. I find it’s valuable to put them in writing and in public, mostly for reference and reflection down the line. I’ve been doing these since 2017 and find them fun and useful. 2019 Was a Good Year (Recap) I … Read more

The 11 Best A/B Testing Tools in 2024

A/B testing (i.e. running a controlled experiment, normally in a digital environment like a website or an application) is prevalent nowadays. All of the biggest tech companies you know – Microsoft, Netflix,, Google – run thousands of experiments per year. Now it’s weird if you don’t run A/B tests. There are dozens of tools … Read more

Mo Data Mo Problems? When More Information Makes You More Wrong

More data isn’t necessarily better, and in fact, sometimes more data leads to much worse decision making. We’re all trying to make better business decisions (I hope, at least). All decisions include some level of uncertainty. Properly collected and analyzed data can reduce that uncertainty, but never eliminate it. However, in practice, I’ve noticed many … Read more