If you want to hire me, there are three ways.

First, I run a content marketing agency that helps consumer businesses unlock content as an acquisition channel. We do content strategy, measurement and analytics, production, optimization, and promotion (and whatever combo of those things best complements your team and helps accomplish your goals). If you’re serious about content, email me (you can check out our website here.)

Second, I periodically take on conversion rate optimization clients. This is rare, and I only ever take on one at a time. Still, even if I’m booked up, reach out if you want to hire a CRO consultant or agency – I know all of them and can give you recommendations and intros.

Finally, I have 2 open spots left for weekly strategy consulting calls. We’ll work through the toughest growth and marketing problems you’ve got in the span of an hour and you’ll leave each session with an action sheet and a ton of clarity.

Give me a shout iamalexbirkett [at] gmail.