Every month, I’ll send you an email with:

  • A roundup of posts I’ve written the previous month.
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  • A personal note that isn’t published anywhere else.

The main benefit of getting on this email list is that I can write things in an email that I probably wouldn’t publish on a blog post, simply based on the context. You’ve already signed up and know who I am, so I can be a bit more straightforward. This is a grab bag – you might get a rant, you might get movie recommendations, perhaps just cute dog photos. But what I email you will most likely be interesting (though no promises on ‘useful’).

The second benefit is that I write a lot of content on different sites (KlientBoost, Optimizely, HubSpot, etc.), so you’ll get a good roundup of stuff I’m putting out. I try to write on my own site, but it often doesn’t happen.