The 12 Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2023

Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Alex Birkett

I never thought I would use an AI Copywriting tool.

When I started out in content marketing, I didn’t imagine it would be possible to have a machine write your copy for you.

I also felt a bit of a moral quandary at first. It felt strange to outsource my writing to an artificial intelligence software.

However, I’ve changed my mind.

The AI copywriting tools that are now available are awesome for writing product descriptions, ad copy, social media posts, and even doing SEO copywriting for blog posts.

There are many AI copywriting tools out there now. Not all of them are great, and they all have their pros and cons.

I’ll walk through my favorite 12 tools here. First, though, quick definition and some limitations with the tools.

What is AI Copywriting?

AI Copywriting refers to a myriad of different products that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to augment or generate text.

Most recently, GPT-3 by OpenAI has unleashed a flurry of new copywriting software.

GPT-3, quickly, is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It uses natural language processing to learn context and generate copy from that understanding.

In non-nerd language, this means it writes text using pre-trained algorithms that have been fed text data by crawling the internet (using a publicly available dataset called CommonCrawl) as well as all of Wikipedia.

Before GPT-3, AI text generators were clunky and didn’t sound remotely human. However, post-GPT-3, they’re pretty damn good.

Not all of the AI copywriting tools on this list use GPT-3, but my favorite ones do.

Does AI Copywriting Actually Work? Limitations and How to Use AI Copywriting

When I first heard about GPT-3, being a content marketer, I thought: I wonder if I can just automate the entire process of creating a blog?

I could do keyword research via content gap analysis in Ahrefs, generate content briefs with or Clearscope or other SEO tools, and use an AI copywriting tool like Jasper to write the text (and maybe Hemingway or Grammarly to edit it).

Then I could just hire a VA to manage the process.

Spoiler: it didn’t work.

I tried it on a site I own called, and unfortunately, you can’t just let the AI rip and hope for the best. At least at first, you need to work in tandem with the tool to generate anything remotely resembling cogent and accurate content.

So, my dream of sitting on a beach while AI writes my blog posts isn’t here yet. Content writers, you still have a job role on marketing teams (for now at least).

But I do get value out of AI copywriting tools. How do I use them? Three ways:

  • Get over writer’s block
  • Write sales copy
  • Write tons of similar blocks of text (like product descriptions)

In the first case, tools like Jasper and Copy AI are great at getting you out of your own head and getting words on the page. Even if you end up editing the words that they generate, you’ve already got momentum, and you end up writing the blog post much faster than you would have without them.

(Yes, I did start this piece by using Jasper).

As for writing sales copy, well, I’m just bad at it. A tool like Jasper (as well as Copy.AI) has a ton of frameworks in the product that help you write copy (like AIDA). They also help format your copy to a specific medium, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads.

Finally, if I have a ton of ecommerce product descriptions to write, I’m simply not going to do it myself. In the past, I would have hired an intern or a VA to do it. Now I can just use an AI copywriter.

Without further ado, let me tell you about my favorite AI copywriters.

The 12 Best AI Copywriting Tools

  1. Jasper
  2. Copy AI
  3. AI Writer
  4. WordAI
  5. Article Forge
  6. Snazzy AI
  7. Wordtune
  8. Copysmith
  9. Wordsmith
  10. WriterSonic
  11. AdZis
  12. Anyword

1. Jasper

You may have inferred from the above that Jasper (formerly known as Conversion.AI) is my favorite AI copywriting tool.

I’ll admit it: I’m a fanboy.

The product (and team) is just fantastic). It’s really the only AI copywriter I could find that can actually generate long form blog content.

Their AI-based writing assistant is trained by conversion and copywriting experts, which helped it acquire incredible writing skills and write copies that convert.

They even claim that every line of their website copy was written by their own copywriting tool.

Like I said, they do blog posts really well. I believe (could be wrong) that they’re the only ones using GPT-3 functionality for long-form content. I’m using the tool to help me write this one as we speak. For some reason, they do search engine optimized content quite well.

But I’ve also found it useful for writing long form sales copy, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads. I haven’t tried it yet for email marketing or product descriptions, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

What can I say? I love the user interface, it’s super easy to use, and they have powerful features for power users (I’m not one yet, but hope to be one day).

They even have a super active Facebook group filled with their fans, where you can learn tips from the most expert of the power users.

Also, check out their new “Boss Mode” feature, where Jasper just writes your whole article in like 10 seconds with one prompt. Pretty sick!

A favorite digital marketing tool of mine overall.

Price: $24/mo (but you get 10k words for free with my referral link)

2. Copy.AI

Copy.AI is another one of my favorite AI copywriters.

It’s truly fantastic at writing sales copy – anything from meta descriptions to Facebook Ads to email subject lines and more. Copy.AI can do blog content as well, though I suspect it’s not at the same level as Jasper when it comes to long-form content and AI articles.

Copy.AI is super easy to use, however, and the copy they produce is top notch.

To start with, select the type of copy you want and then add a bit about your product – CopyAI will do the rest. You can even target specific customers in laser-targeted locations.

You get access to plenty of copywriting tools, including templates, which basically entails the type of content generates. It lets you create product descriptions, social ads, website copy, blog intro, blog outline, email copy, social media taglines, subject lines, etc.

Here’s an example I just spun up around a fictional kava drink:

Honestly? Great fucking copy for 2 seconds of work.

Price: $35/mo but you can get a 7 day trial

3. AI Writer

AI Writer is one of the most affordable AI copywriting tools out there. They also claim they’re the most accurate, able to generate an entire article in two minutes from just a headline.

They’ve got big logos on their site — NBC, ABC, Fox (not sure what that says about the news that they’re using AI tools to generate stories!)

Two things I love about this tool:

First, they give you a list of citations so that you can verify the information and deliver accurate and quality content.

Second, they map everything to keywords so it’s all SEO-optimized. You’ll still have to do some tweaking in most cases (I’d use Clearscope or Frase).

Another cool thing about this one is it’s highly affordable. They’ve got a free trial so you can kick the tires, and then it starts at just $19/month.

I will say, though, that the quality with AI Writer seems to be a little less than with Jasper and Copy AI. They’ve only got about 3 stars on G2 and only five total ratings at the time of writing. Might be best for those on a budget and looking to save time at the expense of quality.

Price: $19/mo (plus free trial option)

4. WordAI

WordAI has been around since 2011, so it’s definitely got more longevity than most of the tools on this list.

They bill themselves on speed and efficiency. “10X your content output,” reads their website.

One thing I really like about WordAI, is that in addition to content generation, they highlight their tool’s ability to edit and rewrite sentences. Not only to create, but to *improve* the copy you write.

Their artificial intelligence seeks to “understand the meaning of each sentence, then rewrite it from scratch while optimizing for uniqueness and readability.”

Another benefit is that it can augment your existing articles with LSI keywords to help your articles rank for additional keywords.

Overall, WordAI focuses a lot more on content quality – rewrites, LSI keywords and optimization, and optimizing for sentence and paragraph clarity. Great tool to augment your existing writers’ capabilities when it comes to SEO writing as well as advertising and social media posts.

Price: $57/mo

G2 Score: 3.7/5

5. Article Forge

Article Forge is simple. Enter keyword, wait 60 seconds, and get an entire article.

According to their website, the tool was born out of five years of artificial intelligence research, and its deep learning models are trained on millions of articles so it can write intelligently about virtually any topic.

On their website they have example work, ranging from topics on bitcoin and technology to health, business, and finance.

It seems diverse in its application, though particularly capable when it comes to highly researched topics like technology and business.

Price: $57/mo

G2 Score: 3.3/5

6. Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI was one of the strongest and most respected AI copywriting tools, especially for landing pages and copywriting. Recently, it was snapped up by Unbounce and integrated into their conversion intelligence suite.

While you’re not going to get any long form blog posts from this tool, it will be useful for those looking to generate and optimize landing page sales copy, taglines, advertising campaigns, and short snippets.

They’ve got ready made templates for Google Ads, taglines, landing pages, and product descriptions.

As far as integrations go, it’s a part of Unbounce’s suite, so it’s naturally integrated with Unbounce as well as any other product they can integrate with. It is now called “Smart Copy,” and it comes with your Unbounce subscription.

You can also get a starter version for free if you just want the AI copywriting product.

Price: Starts free, next tier at $49/mo

7. Wordtune

Wordtune is a simple tool, a Chrome extension, that can help you rewrite your Tweets, blog posts, memos, and taglines.

You can try it out for free on their website. Check it out:

This tool’s value proposition is sort of different; they’re not trying to replace human-generated copy, but to augment it and improve it. That’s why they focus on rewriting and editing. You come up with the copy, and they give you dozens of ways to improve it.

Wordtune is super affordable (starting free with up to 20 rewrites per month). If you’re looking for an introductory tool to help shake up your writing style and ideation, this one is a good one.

Price: starts free, then only $9.99/mo

8. Copysmith

Copysmith is the AI copywriting platform built for teams.

With team workflow queues, bulk content generation, AI driven expert research, this is the tool you want to check out if you’re looking to massively scale your content production with the help of machine learning. If you’re hoping to produce in bulk, Copysmith will speed things up and also keep everyone on the same page.

I like this because you can reduce tool bloat and get a lot of your project management done within this product. Their workflow queue helps you accelerate content feedback and approvals, save on third party project management tools, and avoid endless feedback review meetings

They integrate easily with Frase, Google Ads, and Shopify, and the also have a Google Chrome extension.

Price: starts at $19/mo

9. Wordsmith

Wordsmith is the AI text generator for the enterprise. You know that because they have a big “request demo” button on their website. And it’s got that good old enterprise B2B feeling.

Wordsmith is actually just one product under the umbrella of Automated Insights, the parent company’s umbrella.

They’re a self-service platform that enables complete narrative customization, real-time content updates, and a powerful API for flexible publishing.

They also have custom BI dashboards.

Probably best if you run a massive content operation like the Associated Press. Probably overkill for an ecommerce or SaaS content operation.

Price: unavailable (request demo)

10. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is another AI writing tool, this one starting out for free (no credit card required).

You’ve got like 20 languages available, including the obvious ones like English, German, Spanish, etc.

The tool doesn’t do long form blog post content super well, but they’re actually very impressive at short form answers, like FAQ modules, Facebook Ads (they have demos of FB Ads on their homepage), and product descriptions.

For an affordable and easy to use tool, WriteSonic is fantastic

Price: Free (and then $15/mo)

11. AdZis

AdZis is a content creation software billed towards ecommerce website owners.

They feature one-click text generation for product copy, social media, blog posts, and even videos.

Another interesting differentiator is AdZis offers done-for-you marketing copy. Of course, you can also use their Shopify app, web app, or API. But if you want them to simply generate and manage all of your ai writing pipeline, it can be done.

To be honest, I haven’t tried out AdZis, but I have friends who use it and say they like it. I don’t work as much on ecommerce, so I haven’t seen the use case. But with their plethora of writing tools for Shopify, Amazon, and your website, and the high quality plagiarism checks, it’s a good bet for retail owners.

Price: unavailable (request demo)

12. Anyword

Last but not least, Anyword.

According to them, their tool can help you “increase conversion rates and drive more sales” with the world’s most accurate AI for generating copy.

I’m not sure about the claims of increasing conversion rate, but the copy generation is quite good.

My favorite feature of theirs is actually a seemingly simple one. ​They offer a predictive performance score so you can make smarter choices.

This allows you to map different content options to different audience segments and test as you learn.

I’ve found Anyword to be particularly effective at delivering performance marketing copy — for landing pages, email marketing, SMS, and product pages.

It can do blog posts as well, but it’s very good at optimizing for conversion potential.

Price: $19/mo (free trial available)


Human content creators will still have jobs next year, but the ability of AI writing tools is getting shockingly good.

Especially for startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, agency owners, and anyone looking to maximize their productivity, AI writing tools like those covered on this list let you save time and money and spend more of your resources on other business concerns, like business strategy and increasing conversion rates.

For the human copywriter, look at these tools as a way to increase your output, edit with more efficiency, and face the blank page with no fear or writer’s block.

You’ll still need a writing process and a command of the english language, but these tools can really help you in brainstorming and AI generated content that rival the quality of those written by human writers

Alex Birkett
Alex Birkett is a product growth and experimentation expert as well as co-founder of Omniscient Digital, a premium content marketing agency. He enjoys skiing, making and experiencing music, reading and writing, and language learning. He lives in Austin, Texas with his dog, Biscuit.

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