How to improve headlines [4 tools + 16 tips]

So you wanna master the art of attracting attention, enticing people to read your copy, and make ’em pay for whatever it is you’re flogging? Great! Headlines are ultimately what will make or break your sales success. Headlines are like first dates: they have to be interesting enough to grab your attention and make you … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Identify Your Target Audience

How do you identify your target audience? It’s imperative for you to understand and identify your target audience. Otherwise, you may end up wasting all of your marketing budget, time, and energy. In fact, identifying your target audience should be the first step in any business plan. It isn’t just about knowing who you are … Read more

YouTube Keyword Research: Tutorial + 3 Tools

720,000 hours of video are uploaded every day to YouTube. Yet the vast majority of videos receive very few views: Image Source While making content is getting easier every day, breaking through the noise and competition is getting more difficult. And here is where YouTube SEO can become your secret weapon to building your channel and audience. Table … Read more

The 12 Best Content Marketing Agencies in 2024

I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as “the best content marketing agency.” (Except Omniscient Digital) I could make a list of the biggest content marketing agencies, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best. Or I could make a list with the most reviews on G2 Crowd or something, but … Read more

Wix vs Webflow [Feature Comparison]

When it comes to creating a landing page or website, the choice of web builders can be overwhelming. You have platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Webflow. All these website and landing page builders claim to be superior in their own way, but which one is truly the best? In this article, we’re going to look … Read more

The 14 Best Content Marketing Podcasts in 2023

I’m a bit of a podcast fiend. Love ‘em. I’ve probably got 30+ subscriptions (obviously don’t listen to them all regularly). Comedy, self-help, narrative, and business. And I can honestly say to you that podcasts, especially content marketing podcasts, have helped me out in my career. But not all business and content marketing podcasts are … Read more

The 9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO

I’ve riffed on the best SEO tools – from SERP Trackers to reporting software. But what about tools that can actually help you write and therefore rank? Afterall, it’s easy enough to do some basic keyword research. Even easier to track your rankings once they’re published. But the hard part is in the middle – … Read more