Reminders to myself to grow my agency and stay sane

Last Updated on October 22, 2022 by Alex Birkett

I started my content agency as a side project while working full time on growth at HubSpot.

Back then, it was simple enough to work on clients on nights and weekends. We were small and only used contractors, so we didn’t need to worry too much about growth, hiring, finances, etc.

Now, we’re ~10 people and tons of contractors, and there’s a lot more to balance.

I’m quite driven, so I can take on too much from time to time. Without reminders, I’ll work myself to the bone.

So I wanted to drop some reminders (to myself) as I grow this agency so I can balance grand ambition with “self-care” (or at least the sustainability to be able to grow the business as fast as I want to).

I may add to this or change it as I go.

1) Faith, not fear

Most important one. Fear causes bad decision making and short-term & lowball thinking. Act out of faith and confidence instead.

2) Say no to stuff.

Naturally a yes man. Most things you can do are marginally valuable. Your job now is to identify and work on what is *most valuable* and uniquely solvable by YOU.

3) Never stray from the fundamental problems

This is usually getting more clients, making clients happy, and hiring talent.

4) Stop justifying scrolling on Twitter as important to business

Productive procrastination lowers my vibration.

5) Absorb complexity and communicate simplicity

The world is uncertain, but vision and direction at the leadership level has to be communicated simply and clearly. No need to “show my work” and all of the complexity involved in decisions.

6) Do yoga

You’ll work ‘round the clock if you let yourself. Schedule yoga class at night to get some stretching and meditation in.

7) Do sauna

Start the day with an ice bath, sauna, and some meditation for the exact same reason as the above.

8) Reinvent your role constantly

At the start, it was scrappy. Now, it’s building processes and honing focus. Next? Who knows. Be unafraid of evolution.

9) Always be writing

Writing is at the center of the company, and it’s the birthplace of ideas, strategy, and marketing ourselves. It’s also my zone of genius. Write everyday.

10) Memento mori

You’re dying one minute at a time. How do you want to maximize your time? This doesn’t just apply to growing a business. Always keep in mind. Cherish relationships and health.