The 12 Best AI Podcasting Tools in 2024

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Alex Birkett

No amount of tools will make you interesting.

So to start, you podcast needs to be good.

But nowadays, there are a ton of podcasting tools that can help your podcast sound better, look better, and get more distribution.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now made this possible.

Further, generative AI tools have helped me leverage my podcast to create content for several different channels, including social media like LinkedIn as well as turning them into SEO-optimized blog posts.

It’s a whole new world out there for podcasters, and the podcast platforms are getting much, much better.

Editor’s note: I’m using some affiliate links. Doesn’t change my opinion of the tools I list.

The 12 Best AI Podcasting Tools in 2024

  1. Castmagic
  2. Podsqueeze
  3. Jasper
  4. Writer
  5. Descript
  6. Otter
  7. Auphonic
  8. Trint
  9. ChatGPT
  10. Whisper
  11. Cohost AI

1. Castmagic

Castmagic is a new AI podcasting tool I discovered, and I’m incredibly impressed with its outputs.

The premise is simple. You’ve conducted a podcast interview. It’s recorded and edited, but you want to get more value from the simple recording.

In today’s social media environment, podcasts are absolutely perfect for content repurposing. You can turn a single episode into dozens of video or audio clips to share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

You can also turn your podcast into a blog post as well as cut out quotes from the episode to sprinkle into your content.

The title matters, too. Castmagic gives you (great) title suggestions.

To summarize, with a simple upload, Castmagic gives you:

  • Podcast title suggestions
  • Show notes and links to include
  • Podcast summary
  • Social content
  • Timestamps

It automates a huge part of the work that we used to do manually.

Price: $

G2 Score: NA

2. Podsqueeze

Podsqueeze another sleek AI podcast tool that generates shownotes, timestamps, newsletters and more.

The interface is super easy to use. Just upload your audio recording file, and Podsqueeze takes care of the rest. You can also upload a video file or link to your RSS feed URL.

It then generates the following for you:

  • Shownotes
  • Timestamps
  • Newsletter copy
  • Tweets and social media content
  • A blog post
  • Title suggestions
  • Quotes

Check out this output for one of my agency’s podcasts:

Honestly, the one I highlighted is better than anything I could ever write. AI copywriting is getting pretty good.

They also have a great blog about podcasting and AI text generation more generally, and they have a thriving Slack community plus great customer support.

Price: Free for 50 mins of podcast time per month, and then $12 per month (paid annually)

G2 Score: NA

3. Jasper

Jasper is one of my all time favorite AI writing tools.

I go way back with Jasper, using it when it was still called Conversion.AI. My agency also helped grow their blog.

But I use the tool for everything from content research to content production and optimization. I even use it for AI image generation (look at all my blog featured images).

The tool have a million templates available for easy use. Some of my favorites for podcasting are their introduction templates, which help me formulate my podcast intro for interviews:

I also use their chatbot feature to do basic background research for my podcast interviews. Check this example out where I ask it to give me background info and suggested questions for an interview with Rand Fishkin:

I also love using Jasper to repurpose podcast clips and transcripts into LinkedIn and Twitter content. They have templates for these as well:

Super powerful tool. They even have a feature that allows you to analyze content and create a brand voice that writes in your style.

Other alternatives to Jasper include Copy AI, Writesonic, and Frase.

Price: $49/mo for unlimited words and one brand voice.

G2 Score: 4.7/5

4. Writer

Writer is another generative AI platform built for editors and content teams.

I used to think of it like a Grammarly on steroids, but they’ve built some impressive features that differentiate them from the AI crowd.

One of those is that you can train the model on your own content and build a brand voice using a repository of content (Jasper only offers a single article or artifact). So you can write and edit in your own voice.

Writer also developed their own large language model, not reliant on OpenAI.

You can also set up brand style guidelines and edit all of your content using these suggestions.

For podcasters, this tool is remarkable. You can upload an audio recording or video recording and it generates a beautiful transcript with timestamps and highlights in only a few clicks.

I also use their free chatbot,, to generate social media posts. In my opinion, it’s the AI tool that generates the highest quality outputs for these short form posts.

Price: $18 per user/month, and you have to talk to sales to get the brand voice features.

G2 Score: 4.6/5

5. Descript

Descript offers a wide range of AI-powered features that makes podcast editing seamless and more efficient.

Using its AI voice synthesis feature, you can swap out unnecessary words and phrases in your audio recordings. Their audio editing is top notch for a noob like me.

It also has an AI-powered transcription feature that allows you to convert your audio into text accurately.

You can also use its voice cloning feature to create a synthetic voice narrator that sounds like you. Descript makes podcasting more accessible and efficient.

The feature I use it for most is simply to cut up video clips and do some lightweight audio editing. I’ll eliminate filler words “likes” and “ums” that I say so I sound awesome and smart on my social media posts. Authentic!

Real deal though, Descript is an amazing product and I love using it.

Price: $12/month

G2 Score: 4.6/5

6. Otter

Otter is an AI tool that allows you to convert your audio file into text quickly.

It is not limited to podcasting and can be used across several industries. We actually used to use it for meeting notes at my agency. Helped a ton because I hate taking notes.

With its AI-powered features, you can edit and correct your transcripts quickly. You can also highlight specific parts of the audio to make your transcripts more interactive.

Good use case for this one is conducting pre-interview chats with guests. This will take notes, summarize them, and you can use them to inform an amazing discussion.

Connects with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Price: Free to start and then $8.33 per user/month (paid annually)

G2 Score: 4.1/5

7. Auphonic

Auphonic is another AI-powered podcasting tool that can help you automate your podcast editing process.

With its AI-powered algorithms, you can balance the sound levels across your audio files, remove background noise from your podcast recordings, and even add background music.

Auphonic can also help you create transcripts for your podcast with a click of a button.

Look, I’m not an audio engineer. I don’t even edit my own podcasts. But my audio engineer friends told me this is an amazing tool, and I believe them.

Features include an intelligent leveler, noise reduction, filtering and auto EQ, multi track editing, and more.

They also enable video production as well as audiograms to share on social to grow your podcast channels. Not quite a video creation platform, but good medium with the ability to generate captions and chop things up.

A full podcast production and AI tool for audio editing.

Price: Starts free up to 2 hours of content per month

G2 Score: 4.4/5

8. Trint

Trint is an AI-powered transcription tool that comes equipped with a ton of features to help you level up your podcast game.

With Trint, you can easily edit your transcripts, add images, and even convert them into a video format. Trint’s AI-powered algorithms make it easy even for those who are not editors to create quality audio files. It also enables translation which is neat.

I’d liken this to an Otter competitor and potentially a Descript competitor as well.

Price: $48 / user per month

G2 Score: 4.4/5

9. ChatGPT

C’mon y’all know what ChatGPT is, right?

It’s the main thing people talk about when they say “AI” nowadays. It’s a large language model with a natural conversation interface allowing you to ask it…anything.

Check it out, I asked it to create content for multiple social media channels here:

It’s powerful. It’s flexible. You can use it to develop your podcast audience intelligence You can use it to do AI powered editing of transcripts. You can use it to build marketing materials.

What else can I say? ChatGPT is all the rage.

Price: Free and then like $20 a month for the premium version

G2 Score: 4.6/5

10. Whisper

Whisper is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system developed and open-sourced by OpenAI.

Whisper was trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web, which results in improved robustness to accents, background noise, and technical language.

How can podcasters use it? It could be used to automatically transcribe podcast episodes, making them more accessible and searchable. It could also be used for translation, allowing podcasters to reach a broader, multilingual audience.

Finally, it could be integrated into editing software to allow for voice-controlled editing.

Pretty neat stuff.

Price: Free

G2 Score: NA

11. Cohost AI

Last but not least, Cohost AI is a new tool from Buzzsprout that automatically generates episode titles, descriptions, chapter markers, and transcripts.

Buzzsprout in general is a complete podcast hosting platform. The fact that they’ve got an AI tool built into it is amazing. The fewer the tools, the better in my opinion.

They help you publish the podcast, get it listed everywhere, monetize it with ads, and give you analytics and reporting to measure performance.

All in one, baby, and their AI technology is great.

Price: $12 /month (add Cohost for $10/mo extra)

G2 Score: 4.7/5


Wysper AI is a suite of products and templates that help you use your podcast to create a content engine.

One cool thing about podcasting is this:

Even if no one listens, it can still provide massive value.

In the B2B SaaS context, content marketing benefits from including subject matter expert quotes and insights. It helps drive the trust and authoritativeness of your content, and including influencers can nudge them to share with their own audiences, expanding your reach.

The trouble is, it’s usually pretty time consuming to find appropriate quotes and clips and to format them for content and social media channels.

Wysper AI makes this easy.

Upload your podcast recording, review and tweak the outputs, and then schedule or post on different channels.

Great AI podcasting tool to expand your reach.

Price: $22/month for basic plan

G2 Score: N/A


AI-powered podcasting tools are slowly becoming a necessity for podcasters and marketers that want to communicate with their audiences in a more personal way.

The above-listed tools are a few of the best AI-powered podcasting tools out there.

Integrating these tools into your podcast creation process will make podcasting more accessible, more efficient and help you create high-quality audio files with less time and effort.