The 13 Best Jasper AI Alternatives in 2023

Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Alex Birkett

Looking for the best Jasper ai alternatives? You’re in the right place.

As a writer myself, at first it seems a bit strange that I would use and love AI copywriting tools. But I do.

I’m a Jasper ai user. But I know it’s not for everyone.

Luckily, there’s an abundance of alternatives to Jasper on the market now, some of which are more affordable, and some of which have different specialties and use cases.

Whatever your reasons are for looking for a Jasper alternative, I’ll walk through several of my favorites and explain what I like about them, who they’re best for, and how to get started using them.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper (or Jasper ai – formerly Jarvis ai and Conversion.AI) is an AI writing assistant. It helps you generate all forms of copy, from sales copy on landing pages to email subject lines, Facebook ads copy, and more.

But they’re claim to fame is long form blog posts. They were the first of the AI text generators to do that well, and they’re still the best at it (in my opinion).

This is primarily through their upgraded product suite called “Boss Mode.” It makes planning, writing, optimizing, and editing a full high quality blog post very easy.

Jasper is AI powered and uses GPT-3 to generate smart content that molds to your topic as well as the particular style you want to write it in. Want to write clever copy? Jasper can do it. Formal essay writing? Jasper can do that as well.

They also have a plagiarism checker to make sure you’re generating original copy.

I’ve used Jasper to rewrite paragraphs, start articles by generating content outlines, generate social media marketing content to share on Twitter and LinkedIn, and to generate content from scratch for affiliate websites I’ve worked on. It’s a great tool.

Finally, they have a great Facebook community for customer support.

Why look for a Jasper alternative? Well, the price tag is expensive for some companies. Additionally, other AI generators have different specialties that might cater more towards your needs.

Maybe you need to optimize your content briefs. Maybe you need to generate product descriptions for thousands of SKUs, or rewrite content to make it pop with energy.

Whatever your use case, the following alternatives to Jasper will have you covered. We’ll walk through the 13 best Jasper AI alternatives here.

Editor’s note: I’m going to include affiliate links for many of the items on this list. That doesn’t change how I speak about the products mentioned or which ones I include.

The 13 Best Jasper AI Alternatives

  1. Copy AI
  2. Dashword
  3. Copysmith
  4. (now Unbounce)
  5. Quillbot
  6. GrowthBar
  8. Anyword
  9. Wordtune
  10. Writesonic
  11. Rytr
  13. Texta

1. Copy AI

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.16.11 pm is easily one of the most popular Jasper alternatives and AI powered copywriting tools.

They’ve got tons of users – they claim over 1 million users.

While I think Jasper is the best tool for long form blog content and high quality blog posts, I’ll admit that has a great blog post feature. You can use the tool to generate an outline within a few seconds and basically write a full piece of content within a few minutes.

In my experience, though, is best used for small copy – things like Facebook ads, Google ads, product descriptions, and social media.

They’ve also got features allowing you to rewrite content, making it a great Speedwrite alternative as well.

In full transparency, I use both Jasper ai and Copy ai depending on the use case.

All the content they generate is original and plagiarism-free.

Key features:

  • Blog content
  • Digital ad copy
  • eCommerce copy
  • Marketing copy
  • Sales copy
  • Website copy
  • Social media content

Best for: Small marketing teams looking to increase capacity and efficiency

Price: $35 per month (though they have a generous free version you can try out).

G2 Score: 4.9/5

See also: alternatives.

2. Dashword

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.16.32 pm

Dashword is another incredibly popular Jasper alternative.

Unlike Jasper, however, Dashboard specifically caters towards content marketers trying to increase their efficiency creating content briefs and content outlines.

Like Jasper, they use artificial intelligence to generate their content. Dashword is also highly trained in SEO content, so if you’re hoping to rank in search engines, using Dashword for your outlines could be beneficial (I also use Clearscope or Surfer to help me with those).

For editors, this feature is super valuable. I’d wager it saves up to 75% of your time in creating and sharing content briefs with your editors. That’s just the first step.

It also saves you time when you’re optimizing and editing your content to rank in search engines like Google. They do this through keyword recommendations, word count calculator, “people also asked” recommendations, and a clear content score that predicts how well your content is positioned to rank for the keyword at hand.

Perhaps the coolest feature of Dashword is its content monitoring. They have automated keyword reports and rank tracking, and they also automatically flag content that is underperforming so you can go back and refresh it.

They also have a few free SEO tools like their meta description generator.

Best for: Managing editors looking to speed up the editorial process

Price: Starter plan begins at $39 per month

G2 Score: N/A

3. Copysmith

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.17.12 pm

Copysmith is one of my favorite AI content generators.

It’s crafted specifically for larger eCommerce teams and marketing agencies that help them.

While eCommerce companies also publish long form blog posts, they have a unique problem: thousands of SKUs, each of which need their own unique product description.

Copysmith solves this.

They have product description templates, and they also generate copy that is catered towards SEO and rankings. Especially if you have thousands of product pages, this can be a huge lift, not only in productivity, but in revenue. Most product descriptions I’ve seen have not been written with SEO in mind.

As for efficiency, they offer a whole campaign planning feature that allows you to store and manage all of your product copy. This, plus their API access (on the enterprise tier), makes it the perfect solution for larger teams and eCommerce retailers.

All content is original and plagiarism-free.

Best for: eCommerce teams and marketing agencies

Price: starts free, first plan then is $19 per month (with up to 20 plagiarism checks and 50 credits up to 33k words)

G2 Score: X/5

4. (now Smart Copy by Unbounce)

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.17.32 pm

Snazzy AI was bought by Unbounce, and now it is embedded in their products and landing page building tools under the name “Smart Copy.”

As you’d guess from an AI generator embedded in a landing page platform, the product is catered towards sales copy and conversion copywriting.

While you could technically use this to create content for SEO as well (if you’re also using a tool like Surfer), it’s best used for Google Ads copy, landing page copy, and writing taglines.

This does for SaaS and services business what Copysmith does for eCommerce: saves you a massive amount of time. I’ve been at companies with thousands of landing pages. It’s hard to come up with copy for each page. Smart Copy solves this, and their AI is trained to generate the highest converting copy.

Best for: high scale startups with tons of landing pages

Price: free up to five credits, then it’s $49 / mo for unlimited credits and word count

G2 Score: 4.4/5

5. Quillbot

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.18.02 pm

Quillbot solves a specific problem: paraphrasing and rewriting.

It’s great for sentence rewriting, paragraph rewriting, and even full article rewriting. This is great if you’re a subject matter expert without strong writing chops, or if you’re doing a lot of similar content and need to repurpose it and create original versions of the same topics.

I’ll give you a secret, too: you can paraphrase your top social media posts and get additional traction by writing them with new angles and tones.

Quillbot is a better paraphrasing tool than most. It gives you multiple style options as well as the ability to both shorten and expand your copy. It also gives you a toggle as to how many synonyms you’d like to use to replace your existing content.

One big benefit of Quillbot is that it’s free to try. You can just pop your copy into the text editor on their website and see for yourself what it does.

They have tons of additional features like a plagiarism checker, citation generator, and co-writer.

Best for: Students writing essays and companies on a budget trying to repurpose content.

Price: free. First plan is $8.33 per month

G2 Score: N/A

6. GrowthBar

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.18.35 pm

GrowthBar is an SEO tool that includes features like keyword research, backlink analysis, and an AI copywriting tool powered by GPT-3 and OpenAI.

It’s a novel tool as it has a variety of features, and they also have a great Chrome extension. The team has also been great at releasing new features, and now it’s quite a powerful suite of tools. Key features:

  • AI blog posts
  • AI outlines
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitor analysis

They also have a services arm if you want all of this SEO friendly content done for you.

As for the AI text generator, they not only provide an outline for you – one complete with word count suggestions, header, images, links, introductions, titles, and keywords – but you can use their AI writing tool to actually write the content from the outline.

Great tool.

Best for: Startups focused on SEO

Price: Starter plan begins at $29 per month (free trial available)

G2 Score: 4.9/5


Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.18.57 pm

Frase has gone through a couple iterations, but they’re a powerhouse in both the content optimization world as well as the AI writing landscape.

Used by some 30,000 companies, Frase offers a full suite of SEO friendly features including a content outline generator, paragraph rewriter, plagiarism checker, and a general purpose AI writer.

They have specific templates for writing listicles, blog instructions, and product descriptions. You can actually try out all of these directly on the website with their text editor without signing up for an account or entering a credit card.

If you pay an extra $35 per month, you can access their SEO add-ons, which include keyword search volume and keyword research, SERP data enrichment, and full access to their AI writing tool.

Best for: Scaling companies looking to optimize their entire SEO-content workflows

Price: $44.99 per month

G2 Score: 4.8/5

8. Anyword

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.19.19 pm

Anyword is a fast growing alternative that focuses on driving conversions and sales. They use powerful predictive analytics to generate copy and predict what is going to convert before you ever hit publish.

Anyword sort of marries content optimization and text generation. Like Clearscope and Surfer, they also include a score to aim for (the closer to 100, the better). But unlike those tools, they actually have an AI text generator that writes the copy for you and gives you multiple options from which to choose.

Another of the unique features of Anyword is that they allow you to create customer personas and segments and generate copy uniquely catered towards these audience personas.

This tool is likely best used for sales focused copy, like on landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and also on social media marketing, such as Instagram captions and LinkedIn posts. I also like using Anyword for email marketing and email copywriting (it’s great for cold email outreach, too).

Best for: Scaling enterprises and sales-focused copywriting and email marketing

Price: $99  per month

G2 Score: 4.8/5

9. Wordtune

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.19.35 pm

Wordtune is cool. It’s mainly a paragraph rewriter, but it actually makes your writing better (not just different).

It’s also a Chrome extension, meaning you can use it wherever you write – in your Gmail, on Twitter, in WordPress. Doesn’t matter. You can use it anywhere on your Chrome browser. This is excellent as it doesn’t require training your team on a whole new platform or adding an additional step into the workflow.

Unlike Jasper, though, it’s probably not the best tool for writing full articles or sales or SEO focused copy.

With this tool, you can shorten text (make your writing more like Hemingway), expand text (make your writing more like F. Scott Fitzgerald), make it more formal (like a scientist), make it more informal (like me!). It’s great if you need to shake things up creatively.

Best for: Individual contributors struggling with style or phrasing when writing.

Price: Starts free and their starter plan is only $9.99/ month

G2 Score: 4.2/5

10. Writesonic

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.19.56 pm

Writesonic is another Jasper ai alternative that is focused on SEO.

They’re a multi-purpose swiss army knife – use it for high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google Ads, emails…all the stuff!

150,000+ marketing teams use the tool. They’ve got logos from Google and Zoho on their site. Seems legit!

And you can see for yourself, because they have an AI writing interface directly on their website you can try. They also offer a freemium version of the product, no credit card required. So the only thing you’ll spend is time to kick the tires.

Anyway, I think Writesonic is a solid tool. Good for multiple purposes and larger teams. Maybe not as good as Jasper ai or Copy ai in my opinion, but pretty damn good.

Best for: Larger teams writing copy for multiple different purposes

Price: $15 per monthnth

G2 Score: 4.8/5

11. Rytr

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.21.05 pm

Rytr is dope. I just discovered it, but I like it.

They’re big on ad copy. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads (I think). All the advertising!

They launched on AppSumo to great fanfare. And I f*cking love AppSumo, so by the transitive property, I love Rytr.

If you really want to know what people think of the tool, reading the AppSumo reviews is a good way to get honest information. For example:

“Rytr saves a lot of my writing time. Although I have several writing assistants, Rytr is by far my favorite. From outlining and writing full articles and blog posts to story plots and YouTube descriptions, the use cases are only getting better. Appreciate the constant updates from Developers and quite impressed with the active community. Keep up the great work.”

So while I haven’t used this AI writer as much, people love it. They have 1,500,000+ copywriters, marketers & entrepreneurs using it. And it’s pretty affordable. A very good alternative to Jasper ai.

Best for: Startups and entrepreneurs who want Jasper’s features, but on a budget

Price: they have a healthy free plan, and then the starter plan costs $9 per month

G2 Score: 4.7/5


Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.21.20 pm

I’ve been writing a lot about lately, and for good reason: they’re a good AI writer.

Again, very specific use case here: eCommerce. Though they do write long form articles as well, they really excel at product descriptions, marketing copy, social media marketing, and sales copy for products.

They have a strong Shopify integration and give you API access. Again, amazing for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

They’re a newer AI writing tool, but they’re gaining traction. For retailers, I’d consider this a strong Jasper AI alternative.

Key features:

  • Product description generator
  • Blog article writer
  • Instagram caption generator
  • Shopify integration

Best for: Small retailers and eCommerce entrepreneurs

Price: $29 per month

G2 Score: 4.2/5

13. Texta

Screen shot 2022-06-05 at 2.21.59 pm

Texta, as they proclaim loudly, is the all-in-one toolkit for content marketing.

What does that mean?

Well, first and foremost, they are an AI copywriting tool. The tool can write in like 20 different languages – great for localization and internationalization.

Texta claims to automate the whole blog creation process, from topic generation all the way to researching, writing, formatting, and optimizing the content.

This is one of their unique features. Jasper AI does have topic ideation features, but I don’t think it’s the strongest feature. Texta claims theirs is quite good.

In full transparency, I haven’t actually used Texta yet. But I will soon, just based on the strong logos they have on their site, and their incredibly cheap price tag ($4 per month when paid annually – insane!).

Best for: entrepreneurs on a budget

Price: $4 per monthnth when paid annually ($10 per month when paid monthly). You can also try it out for free.

G2 Score: 4.5/5


Look, there are so many marketing tools out there nowadays. This includes AI copywriting tools to help you write a long form post, like Jasper AI.

New tools for content creation are popping up every day, so that makes it difficult to write a definitive guide to Jasper ai alternatives. Therefore, I didn’t make this list exhaustive; it focuses on my favorite tools or the Jasper ai alternatives that are the most popular or gaining the most traction.

Looking for a tool to get you out of writer’s block? Copy ai is an awesome general copywriting tool.

Looking for a tool to write ad copies? Smart Copy or Wordtune are great.

Content generation at scale? Frase is excellent.

There’s a tool for every use case and budget out there. And don’t be afraid to try out different AI writing software and see which interface you enjoy the most.

Like I said upfront, I’m a Jasper AI user. But I also use Copy AI regularly, as well as Frase and GrowthBar. I’ve tried most of the other AI writing software on this list. No shame in trying many tools and switching to one you like more!