The 13 Best Speedwrite Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Alex Birkett

Speedwrite is a free tool that makes it incredibly easy to rewrite paragraphs and paraphrase content.

Many people love the tool, but others are looking for good alternatives to Speedwrite.

While it is effective at paraphrasing content and getting it done fast, it leaves many features on the table and has many limitations.

What is Speedwrite (and Why Do People Like It)?

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 3.11.31 pm

Speedwrite is a simple copywriting tool that helps you rephrase sentence and paraphrase your writing.

Or as they call it, they’re an automatic text generator:

  • They have some 500k+ users and have written millions of lines of text.
  • They generate fresh, original content with pretty readable style and grammar.
  • You can use the tool for free. Paid plans start at only $19.99 per month, which makes it one of the cheaper text generators on the market.

The way it works is you just enter text and hit the “predict” button (they call their text generations “predictions”). This then takes your content and paraphrases it using their artificial intelligence.

They suggest that you start with any creative-commons source and then use Speedwrite to predict new writing based on that source. Basically, you can create an essay, article, or report, in just minutes.

As for why people love Speedwrite, it’s somewhat obvious. It’s free and effective, and it helps you push past writer’s block and saves you a ton of time creating content.

I’m sure some huge percentage of their 500k+ users are students who are paraphrasing Wikipedia. But it’s equally effective if you want to rewrite product descriptions, generate new Facebook ads copy, or even help you write a long-form blog post or essay.

The downsides of the tool are quite apparent as well:

  • It’s not great at generating text from scratch. You have to have already written or copy and pasted your content into the tool.
  • It doesn’t give you many options when it comes to voice, tone, and style
  • It doesn’t have specific templates for blog posts, sales copy, or dedicated purposes to your writing.

Essentially, it’s a pretty basic text generator and paraphraser. And with the proliferation of GPT-3 and other AI writing tools, there are competitors on the market, the majority of them actually much more powerful and useful than Speedwrite. Many of them are as affordable as Speedwrite as well.

So let’s dive into the 13 best Speedwrite alternatives.

Editor’s note: I’m going to use some affiliate links when possible to try to earn some revenue from my content. These don’t change the opinions espoused in the content nor the style in which they are written. If I think a product sucks, I’m not going to say otherwise. This is just a bonus and a way to fund the whole operation. Anyway, enjoy the article!

The 13 Best Speedwrite Alternatives (Free + Paid)

  1. Jasper
  2. GrowthBar
  4. Quillbot
  6. Spinbot
  7. Outwrite
  8. Simplified
  9. Copysmith
  10. Hypotenuse.AI
  11. Anyword
  12. Article Forge
  13. Wordtune

1. Jasper

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.15.10 pm

Jasper is my favorite AI copywriting software. In fact, I’m using it to help me write this very article.

To write full long form blog posts, you can start using their blog workflow. You write a little description of your content and any search keywords associated with the topic:

Screen shot 2022-05-31 at 10.00.37 am

Then you can either let their title generator work for you, or you can enter your own blog post title.

Screen shot 2022-05-31 at 10.00.49 am

Same thing with the intro paragraph – I like to write my own, but you can also use Jasper to generate the introduction for you.

Screen shot 2022-05-31 at 10.01.03 am

Then once you’ve set up the basics of the post, you can use their text generation software to assist you in writing the entire piece.

Screen shot 2022-05-31 at 10.01.38 am

I know many reading this article will care more about the paraphrasing tools they have. They have one template called “content improver” that takes a bit of text and generations several dozen variants of that content.

Screen shot 2022-05-31 at 10.02.01 am

They also have other templates and tools such as “sentence expander,” which takes a small bit of content and expands it to include more words. They also have a “paragraph generator,” which takes a small prompt and generates several dozen paragraphs for you.

All in, the tool is easy to use, powerful, and quite affordable. That’s why I’m picking (previously called Conversion.AI) as my favorite alternative to Speedwrite.

Price: $29/mo (no free trial, but they do have a 5 day money back guarantee)

G2 Score: 4.8/5

2. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is my favorite AI content writer for SEO.

First, it’s a bit different than Speedwrite and many other on this list, in that it actually contains a whole suite of SEO features. So you’ve got your classic keyword research and backlink analysis features. You’ve also got content brief and optimization features to make sure that your content is best suited to rank for your target keyword.

And the AI writer? Not only is it easy to use and produces great outputs, but the outputs include SEO suggestions and best practices.

As a Speedwrite alternative, they have a paragraph rewriter and paragraph generator, but my favorite feature is the content generator. This is a comprehensive tool designed to help you write an entire blog post or essay.

Overall, this is a great product with a sharp team that continues to invest in building out their features for writers and SEOs.

Price: $29 /Month when paid annually

G2 Score: 4.9/5


Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.14.43 pm is a massively popular AI text generator. I also use it regularly, though it has different strengths that I like compared to both Speedwrite and Jasper.

For one, I love’s feature where you can generate not only the text to the blog post, but also the outline. It speeds up the time it takes to write an essay or blog post by a factor of 5-10x.

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.14.57 pm

Additionally, I think does the best job at short form copywriting – things like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram captions, and email subject lines. They seem very sales focused in their execution.

Overall, this is one of the most popular AI copywriting tools out there and has similar rewriting functionalities as Speedwrite. They also have a freemium plan, so you can try the tool out without entering a credit card.

Price: starts free, and then the first plan starts at $49/month

G2 Score: 4.9/5

4. Quillbot

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.14.25 pm

Quillbot is probably the best dedicated paraphrasing tool and article rewriter.

First, you can already see that the user interface is nice and clean. It’s just as easy to use, if not easier, than Speedwrite.

But they also have vastly more options when it comes to features. In the image, you can see that they have multiple modes – including standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten. All of these have different functions and styles.

They have a toggle for synonyms that allows you to choose how many synonyms you’re replacing your original copy with.

In addition to their paraphrasing tool, they also have a grammar checker (can act as a Grammarly alternative), a plagiarism checker (very important!), summarizer, and citation generator. It’s really the full suite when it comes to an article rewriter.

And they have a Chrome extension, Google Docs extension, and Word extension, so you can work directly in your writing software of choice.

Price: starts free with limits (125 Paraphraser word limit). Annual plan starts at $8.33 per month

G2 Score: N/A


Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.13.54 pm does one thing well: paraphrases content. It’s also another free Speedwrite alternative.

In that way, it’s very similar to Speedwrite, with the addition of two features: plagiarism checker and grammar checker. They also have a text summarizer and citation generator, so if you’re using Speedwrite to write essays, might accomplish the same goals and then some.

I’m not a huge fan of the user interface, as it seems they monetize their product with ads (there are so many ads). On the plus side, the cost you pay in terms of user experience is offset by the fact that is free to use.

While you can try it out for free, there are limitations (1000 words). To upgrade, it will cost you $20 /month to start.

This tool is pretty decent at paraphrasing and summarizing paragraphs, but if you’re going to upgrade to a paid plan, it might be worth checking out a more feature rich tool like Jasper.

Price: Free to try (even without an account). $20 /month

G2 Score: N/A

6. Spinbot

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.13.33 pm

Spinbot is another article spinner (aka content rephraser) that is free to use on their homepage (don’t even have to sign up for an account).

Like, this website is covered with ads to offset the fact that they don’t charge you to use the tool. It’s also a very simple interface. You can choose between their text spinner, their paraphrasing tool, or their translation tool (not available yet), and you just copy and paste your text into the form field.

Again, this is pretty simple stuff. If you’re a lazy student looking to rewrite a Wikipedia article – first off, don’t. You should actually learn stuff (including the very useful skill of bullshitting on an essay) – then it’ll be useful. You’ll generate plagiarism free content for your essays and whatnot.

For the rest of us with commercial, artistic, or longer form purposes, it comes up a bit short in its utility.

Price: $10/month

G2 Score: N/A

7. Outwrite

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.13.12 pm

Outwrite is an interesting Speedwrite alternative.

It’s more of a generalized artificial intelligence writing assistant with the capability of generating text, improving text, and optimizing and rewriting text.

It’s also primarily used as a Chrome extension, the assumption being it helps you write better everywhere – not just in your Google Docs or Word Docs. This is great for generating email responses in less time, checking for grammar and plagiarism in advertisements or blog posts, or even just reference checking your YouTube comments.

This is one of the better AI writing assistants I’ve seen that focuses not just on replacing your need to write, but on improving your ability to write. Important distinction, but one that is highly useful.

Price: Starts free. Pro plan begins at $9.95/month

G2 Score: 4.3/5

8. Simplified

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.12.48 pm

Simplified is the oddball on this list of Speedwrite alternatives, and I mean that in a good way.

The main thing you need to know: it’s a bunch of different marketing tools, not just a text generation tool.

There are tools for designing, writing, video production and editing, publishing, and more. And the product is built for teams. It’s meant to be a one-size-fits all application for agile marketing, growth, and design teams.

First, they have one-click graphic design tools, millions of free photos, & thousands of design templates. This stuff helps writers and content marketers, but also more broadly, it helps marketing teams move faster with agile design assets and tools.

Then they’ve got a super simple and straightforward video editing software, which might help your YouTube videos rank for more keywords and get more attention.

Finally, they have a text generator that focuses on SEO-driven copy. You can get plagiarism free content generated in seconds.

Price: Their free forever plan is honestly super generous, and the next paid plan starts at $12/month for 5 team members. Easily the most affordable tool on this list.

G2 Score: 4.7/5

9. Copysmith

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.11.37 pm

Copysmith is an AI copywriting platform built for both ecommerce teams and agencies.

They have tons of features directly aimed at ecommerce and retailers.

To start, they may be the best in the business at generating product descriptions. Especially for retailers with 1,000s of SKUs, this is super valuable.

They also have this really cool holistic feature called Campaign Builder, which creates an entire campaign in just a few clicks. This lets you build a clear and cohesive journey for your customers, resulting in more sales and repeat purchases.

You can also use Copysmith to generate full blog posts as well as ad and social media copy.

Price: Starts free, first plan begins at $19/mo

G2 Score: 4.2/5

10. Hypotenuse.AI

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.11.50 pm is an AI writing tool that I just discovered recently, but I really like it.

They do the gamut of marketing copy, including high quality articles, product descriptions, social media marketing copy, and advertising copy.

You can also try the tool for free, with plans starting at just $29/mo.

The tool is capable of writing in multiple languages (20+) as well, in case you’re writing for global audiences.

One cool thing about is they have a native Shopify integration as well as API access, helping you generate copy directly in your ecommerce tool of choice.

Price: $29/mo

G2 Score: 4.2/5

11. Anyword

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.10.19 pm

Anyword is one of the most popular Speedwrite alternatives.

What’s cool about Anyword is that they focus on performance. With predictive analytics, they are the first AI copywriting tool to offer a predictive performance score so you can make smarter choices with your content.

As they describe it, the tool allows you to :

  • Evaluate potential to engage with your audience
  • Understand how different demographics will react to each variation
  • Choose the best AI copy for your message

This ability goes further than simply rewriting paragraphs and hoping that they perform better. They actually give you scores and metrics to determine that, which is particularly important when you’re hiring out your writing or working with a larger marketing team.

They also use personas and target audience identification to help you fit your writing style to resonate with that particular crowd.

Of course, all the content is unique content and you can also do smaller things like rewrite sentences. Great tool, but a bit on the expensive side.

Price: $99 /month

G2 Score: 4.8/5

12. Article Forge

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.11.13 pm

Article Forge promises ease: you can generate a whole blog post with the click of a button.

They offer a free trial for 5 days, and then the first paid plans starts at $27/month, making it one of the more affordable alternatives to Speedwrite.

All plans include the following features:

  • AI-powered writer
  • Content passes Copyscape (plagiarism free content)
  • Automatically posts to blogs
  • Bulk article generation
  • API access

These features make it a powerhouse for high scale content teams looking to create quality content.

Price: $27/mo for up to 40,000 words per month

G2 Score: 4/5

13. Wordtune

Screen shot 2022-05-27 at 6.10.47 pm

Finally, we have Wordtune.

Wordtune is a Speedwrite alternative that focuses on making your writing better.

Unlike Jasper,, and their alternatives (which offer a full set of AI writing features), Wordtune focuses their efforts on a specific value proposition: communicate through clear, compelling, and authentic writing.

Therefore, like Speedwrite, this tool is an amazing way to rewrite sentences, rephrase paragraphs, and generally spruce up your writing. It’s the best paraphrasing tool because it doesn’t just spin up new content from something you copy and pasted from the web; it actually indexes on things like readability and style.

They are primarily a Google Chrome extension, and they have a free version (10 rewrites per day). Further reading: Wordtune alternatives.

Price: free limited version. Paid plans start at $24.99 / month (cheaper if paid on the annual plan)

G2 Score: 4.2/5


Here’s how I’ll wrap up this article: rewriting tools and content spinners are a dime a dozen and mostly bullshit.

The few that are good are using GPT-3 and are constantly building and improving their product. These include Jasper, Copy.AI, Quillbot, and Copysmith. GrowthBar is a great one if you need the additional SEO features.

There are some decent Speedwrite alternatives that simply do rephrasing: Spinbot,, and Wordtune (the best being Wordtune).

There are also a million competitors I didn’t even mention because this list isn’t exhaustive. Some talk about Chimp Rewriter or Rewrite Guru. They all do the same thing.

Also, if you’re a student looking to outsource the entirety of the writing process, maybe reconsider. I’ll tell you as someone who has worked at huge companies like HubSpot as well as started my own 7 figure business, writing is a fucking super power.

So use something like Jasper to help you out, but don’t outsource your voice to a rephrasing tool like Speedwrite.