2017 Goals

I’m not usually a big New Year’s resolution guy. I never follow them. Usually, I forget about the resolutions a few months in. It’s hard to sustain that level of focus on what is usually quite a vague overreaching goal.

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Three Instant Ways (<2 min) to Make Facebook a Productive Place

Facebook is ridiculously engaging. That’s why they run all those tests – to hook you.

But you have work to do. Or at least I do. So I don’t want to spend all my time on Facebook. And if I am spending time on Facebook, I want it to be valuable.

So I did three things that made sure every second I spent on Facebook would be a net positive effect on my life.

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Drink more beer, live a better life.

Note: I wrote this post a long time ago, but when I was migrating content from my old site, I wanted to revisit it. I added some weight, changed some words, and restructured the format, but the message is the same. What’s your favorite beer? I ask because you might even be naive enough to … Read more