10 Ways to Wreck an Experimentation Program

I’ve written a lot about how to create an experimentation program, improve data literacy, and promote a culture of experimentation. Let’s talk about the opposite: how to sabotage an A/B testing program. Why Not Focus on How to *Build* an Experimentation Program? Why Focus on the Negative? I love looking at things through a via … Read more

The 11 Best Personalization Software and Apps in 2023

Statistics suggest that 72% of customers are likely to engage with brands and messages customized to their specific concerns. Automatically adapting your customer experience based on past behavior is the way to get new customers and get them to come back time and time again. It’s the golden rule of marketing. Personalized emails, personalized advertisements, … Read more

The 5 Pillars You Need to Build an Experimentation Program

I believe in the power of experimentation. But most companies have stumbled tremendously in building powerful experimentation programs. See, the value of experimentation doesn’t rest upon the single hyperbolic A/B test win. The value is in building an experimentation program and culture that scales and helps cap risk, enable innovation and creative adaptation, and generate … Read more

The 11 Best Landing Page Optimization Tools in 2023

Marketers build landing pages, and landing pages require optimization. They’re a great playground for optimization and experimentation. Whether designed for SEO (search engine optimization) or paid advertising marketing campaigns, they’re typically narrowly targeted and more controlled in terms of the traffic that is sent every month. Therefore, it’s a great place to learn what works … Read more

What’s the Ideal A/B Testing Strategy?

A/B testing is, at this point, widespread and common practice. Whether you’re a product manager hoping to quantify the impact of new features (and avoid the risk of negatively impacting growth metrics) or a marketer hoping to optimize a landing page or newsletter subject line, experimentation is the tried-and-true gold standard. It’s not only incredibly … Read more

The 7 Pillars of Data-Driven Company Culture

“Data-driven culture” is a phrase you hear thought leaders speak about at conferences and executives fondly bestow upon their organizations. But like “freedom,” “morality,” and “consciousness,” this elusive phrase seems to evade universal understanding. That’s to say: what the hell does a “data-driven company culture” even mean? What is a “Data-Driven Company Culture,” Anyway? A … Read more

The 23 Best CRO Tools in 2024

What we call conversion rate optimization is actually an expansive suite of distinct functions that blend together to form this art-and-science craft of CRO. CRO includes components of digital analytics, experimentation (A/B testing), user psychology, project management, copywriting, design, and UX research. Nowadays, I look at it as “website product management.” We’ve all got our … Read more